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Land of fjords

There won’t be as much storytelling in these posts, since we were just driving. Enjoy the views!

Day 1

The road trip is on! Today the goal is to get to Sogndalsfjøra by end of day. A good way to start your road trip is by going to IKEA for their fantastic breakfast buffet. You can never have enough smoked salmon.

Only thing missing in this picture is a train

Stegastein Viewpoint. Top notch views and architecture.

Getting to Sogndal is an experience. You need to drive through the world’s longest road tunnel (Lærdalstunnelen). I didn’t know this driving into it. At one point I was questioning my sanity because I’ve been driving for an eternity and the tunnel still has no end.

Ferries are a new thing to me, so that was SUPER exciting!

My first time on a car ferry!

It’s very expensive to get people to do things for you in Norway. We booked accommodation which have kitchens so we could cook dinner and prepare lunch sandwiches. Grocery prices were very reasonable. However again any hot-food or store-prepared food do command higher premium here compared to Canada.