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Before Palette Gear, I worked at different places as an intern. I also paid a lot of money to the University of Waterloo co-op department for reasons unknown.

In addition, I spent a non-trivial amount of time making cars at the Alternative Fuels Team (UWAFT). Cars are cool.

As you can see below, I was a very good an excellent and sometimes outstanding intern.

coop eval image

Rest in peace, JobMine. You will be missed.

This website is created on Hugo with Minimo, served by Google App Engine and Cloudflare.

This website used to look like this back in 2011:


And then in 2012 with projects from High School:


Finally in 2017:


Then I got tired of hand-crafting HTML so I moved to Hugo.

This blog was born out of the desire for a place to publish my ideas and photos on the open web.