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Den Haag


We went to visit the nearby city of Delft, which was only half hour away on the tram. The old town is quite nice, even on a rainy day. The rain kind of accentuates the canals which surround the town.

TUDelft student teams’ Solar Car, FSAE, and Eco Marathon vehicles are on display at the sleek Delft train station. Meanwhile, Waterloo’s own solar car is hanging in Davis Cetre gathering dust.

Beach and Peace

As the skies cleared up, we headed for the Beach. It was still a little cold, so not much water activities can be done.

On the pier, there is a sweet tower you can climb up to for some dope views.

Whenever I think of Den Haag (The Hague), I think of peace. We paid a visit to the International Court of Justice, which is also conveniently located along tram line 1 to the beach. A bunch of Chinese grandma were also there. They didn’t like us much for trying to read the informational signs because we were in their photo.

The Peace Palace under a harsh afternoon sun with blown-out highlights