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Ålesund to Førde to Oslo

Day 4

Getting to Førde today. The weather turned more cloudy and rainy, which gave us a different view. A lot of driving, and sadly the rain didn’t permit too many photo stops.

Solavågen Ferry


As we were approaching Førde, the rain eased up and I managed to catch a picture of the Huldefossen from a distance (cover photo).

Day 5

Need to get from Førde to Oslo today, and saying goodbye to the fjords. Very sad day indeed, as I was just getting used to driving mountain passes. But we are taking a train to Oslo, which makes everything okay.

Somewhere between Førde and Bergen

The train between Bergen and Oslo takes about seven hours. I’ve watched the full video of this train ride before. Now riding it physically is definitely a dream come true. The unlimited coffee and tea in First Class was worth it.

Onboard the Bergensbanen