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Guatapé day trip

El Peñón (“the rock”) and Guatapé is your typical tourist day trip from Medellin, so of course we had to do it.

We booked our tour through the hostel. Our version included a trip to one of Pablo Escobar’s vacation homes.

El Peñón de Guatapé

El Peñón de Guatapé is a gigantic, Arrival-esque rock which seems to have descended from space. But really it is just a huge piece of rock which did not erode over the years.

The climb was awful, but the view up top was pretty dope.

Esobar’s Vacation Home - La Manuela Hacienda

The estate is owned by Esobar’s ex-gardener now. Nature has been allowed to take its course here. Parts of the guesthouse is now a paintball facility. One can only imagine how ridiculous this place would have been.

Orange and white spots on the columns are from paintball.

Dashes of red in a sea of green

What a nice view


We concluded the day in Guatapé, which is probably the most touristic town in all of Colombia. Streets were full of popping colours, even on this overcast day. Please pardon my basic-looking lay-flat shots.

Indian ladies dancing. Did not expect Indians here.